Where is Faiz?


Hey guys! It has almost been a year since I last updated this website. I guess I got busy with stuff but I wanted to provide a quick professional update.

In August 2020, I moved from Santa Clara, CA to Seattle, WA. I decided to leave NetApp and join Facebook as a production engineer. It was a conscious decision to leave California because I wanted to explore a new place and also meet new people in the process. The world is huge and there are so many things to checkout and experience! It was a bit tricky though because I moved in the middle of the COVID pandemic and therefore, it was harder to meet new people and make friends. But I think I did a decent job on that in spite of COVID.

Since moving to Seattle, I got to hike a bunch, go camping, and even go to Alaska to see the lights! Although, TBH, the lights were a bit of a disappointment. Maybe I’ll create a separate post on that. Anyway, I finally got to live in a high-rise building with a good view in downtown Seattle. I like my new apartment.

Working for Facebook has been nice so far. Although, I do sometimes feel that the work-life balance can be improved. Maybe that is also something in my control but I am currently not doing a good job on that. Something to work on! Because of COVID, I haven’t yet been able to go to the office and only working remotely. I am not particularly a big fan of work from home but it is what it is for now and hopefully the offices open soon.

Anyway, till my next post, you all take care and stay safe!