Work Experience


Facebook (Full-time; Aug 2020 – Present)

Production Engineer
I am going to fill this section when I hit 1 year at Facebook 🙂

NetApp (Full-time; Aug 2017 – July 2020)

Member of Technical Staff (NAS) – III
I joined NetApp full-time in August 2017 working with their big data team building solutions using Hadoop and Spark and NetApp’s storage products like E-Series and ONTAP. I later moved to a new team building XCP for data migration on the NAS ecosystem. You can think of XCP as rsync on steroids.

NetApp (Summer Internship 2016)

OpenStack Development Intern
In the summer of 2016, I joined the OpenStack team at NetApp where I got to work with some talented people. During my 3 month stint at NetApp, I added InfiniBand support for the Cinder drivers, created and stabilized E-Series Infiniband jobs, and fixed some bugs in the Manila shared filesystem project for OpenStack natively developed at NetApp. Most of the code written was pushed to production and available on GitHib.

Advanced Research Computing, Virginia Tech (Aug 2015 to May 2017)

Graduate Research Assistant
During my 2 years as a GRA for the Visionarium lab whose director is Dr. Nicholas Polys, I worked on a variety of projects ranging from Virtual Reality, Information Visualization, and general software development and maintenance. We have a 4 walled CAVE-like system in the lab that is run by powerful servers in the back-end and part of my responsibilities included in being a sysadmin for them. We also used the HPC resources at Virginia Tech to run the CAVE and this was used to complete my thesis work. Most of the coding was done either in C++ or Bash. During my work in the lab, we published several papers and posters.

Smurfers (Part-time; June 2014 to June 2015)

I always had a passion to create something of my own, and in 2014, I co-founded an e-commerce company called Smurfers along with two of my friends. We were targeting a niche audience in India who watches popular TV shows like Game of thrones, Friends, etc. and sell merchandise inspired by it. The start-up was particularly challenging because it pushed me out of my comfort zone and learn non-technical stuff like marketing, balancing supply and demand, talking to customers among other things. While Smurfers ceased to exit after a year in operations because of lack of funds, I think the experience taught me more than any other project that I have been a part of. It matured me as a professional and I know some things that I shouldn’t do if I plan to own another start-up in future.

GridMarkets (Full-time; Sept 2013 to June 2015)

Platform Operations Analyst
Helped build a cloud rendering platform using open source technologies like OpenNebula, Redis, Celery, KVM, MySQL, etc. Responsibilities included development and testing of the platform and most of the code was written in Python and Bash. When I joined GridMarkets, it was a five member team, including the co-founders. My role at GridMarkets was challenging and I underwent a steep learning curve.